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About me


I’m Lena : )

I am just a Designer that Design things!

I’m good at:

Visual Communication

Graphic Design

Interior Design

3d Visualisation

Mobile App Design

Web Design

User Interface Design

User Experience Design


Instructional Design

My Milestones

and how i get to where i am
The beginning

Born and raised in a small village of Kastoria

Second Studies

At this time of my life I wanted to change path and learn something new. That’s why I went back to school and study Web Design & Development at SAE Athens

My First Job

I started working as a Designer in an architectural office. My main responsibilities were Interior Design, Graphic Design & 3d Visualisation

The love of theater

This is the year when I started to work also as a Set Designer Assistant and find how exciting scenography could be

Web & UX

After a long journey, I have landed for the time being at SAE Athens where I am Head of Web Department and I also teach Web Design, Visual Communication & User Centered Design.  It’s exciting and challenging and I am always learning new things


I am a big fan of podcasts and that’s why I am involved with a company that produces greek podcasts as a Head of Tech Department, helping the team on their website, on the podcast platforms and on any other tech stuff needed. But who knows maybe I am preparing my own podcast : )

My Talks

some of the most important events
Dec '18
1st wordcamp thessaloniki 2018


This was my first participation at a WordCamp and very proud that I was part of the first ever WordCamp Thessaloniki in 2018.


Here you can find the slides from my talk “IA for WordPress“.

Feb '19
Design Sprint Workshop at SAE Athens


How can we design based on all 5 senses? This Design Sprint Workshop was focused on multi-sensory experience design and was an exploration of the Design Sprint techniques. Ideation, Paper Prototypes & User Testing all together in a one day workshop.

Mar '19
IWD 19 - Women Techmakers


Communities in the ring and I was having a dual role in this ring, co-organizer of Angular Athens Meetup and organizer of Athens Gamification Meetup.


I talked about Gamification, what it is for me and trying to explore what it is for all the participants of this summit.

May '19
WordCamp Athens 2019


Love that open community of WordPress and very happy that I had the chance to conduct a UX workshop for WordCamp Athens 2019.


Here you can find the slides from my workshop “Making Structured Experiences”.

Jun '19
9th Thessaloniki UX Meetup


Good times at 9th Thessaloniki UX Meetup.


Here you can find the slides from my talk “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Jul '19
Athens UX Meetup no20


How we can gamify a UX meetup? In this meetup I had the chance to create a workshop based on the Athens UX Community in order to explore different ways we can motivate attendees and make it more fun!


Here you can find the slides of my workshop “Gamify UX meetup” for UX meetup no20.

Nov '19
Creative Meetup @Digitized


Teaching Creative Confidence 


What is it like to teach creativity? How can you learn to make your day a creative habit? Is it hard to help students to boost their confidence and create awesome designs? I will talk about my experience as a non-stop learner and how I want to pass on that hunger to her students.

You can find my slides here and hopefully will inspire you to create more!



Nov '19
Developers' Day


Happy to be part on this Developers Day Event by Kariera and talk to my beloved Developers about  “UI/UX Designer in the year 2020” and I will try to answer a very controversial topic : Should Developers learn User Experience? See the answer here


“What seperates design from art is that design is meant to be…functional.” Cameron Moll